The Possibles

It’s been dawning on me lately that my imagination and my ideas are big. And mad expensive. Since I started The Ray Miller Institute for Change and Leadership, I had three big ideas that I know are good, but garner little, if any, support. I’m not knocking anyone who wants to point out the challenges of these endeavors. By nature, I’m an idealist and believe that there is a perfect universe in some warped way and that given the right resources and someone who genuinely cares, you can reach about 99% of the population. Being an idealist, I need a realist to keep me focused and plan accordingly. However, this is more than mere skepticism or offensive planning of risky ventures. It almost feels like discouragement. Like ‘they don’t deserve that’ or ‘that won’t work’ and to be honest, I get belligerent when I’m told something won’t work. There is a part of me that wants to invest my time, energy and resources just to see if it really won’t and hope with every fiber of my being that it does.

Anyway, I’m sort of existing in these two realms right now. There are the people who have made the impossible possible. People I never heard about and probably never would have rubbed shoulders with outside of this leadership program. They talk about millions and tens of millions, how to influence people by giving of self genuinely not for ulterior motives or praise. They talk about ending the struggle and creating unity that fits modern times (not marching on Washington, but grooming people to be positive change agents in Washington). I leave that place inspired, full of ways to do my part and then run full force into the impossible people. It’s a drag to say the very least and the sad part is the impossible people are the ones I know personally.

But I’m not daunted by the Impossibles. I”m motivated by the Possibles. My new story is that I am going to attract more Possible energy to me than Impossible energy. I’m moving my waves up a level and probably just keeping my mouth shut for a little while when it comes to the Impossibles. Words have power and do I really need lead in the bottom of my hot air balloon basket? Not really. The last month has been a testimony that life isn’t about having money or not having it. It’s about believing in the Possible spiritually when surrounded by the Impossible physically.

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