Rest and Ease on Down the Road

I read an article from O! Magazine a couple weeks ago and the premise was when there’s nothing else to do, just rest. The author went on to say that humans are the only creatures in existence that want to be aberrations of the natural ebbs and flows of life and I whole-heartedly have to agree.

See, I’m a doer. By nature, the word rest is synonymous with sleep. Resting is for people who want life to blow them any which way it chooses. But after reading that article, I had to ponder some things I believed because my way wasn’t working.

1. The Universe never gets tired of working on our behalf, but we have to understand that just because we desire or need things to happen right now doesn’t mean that steps are not lining up the way they should. Thanks to the instantaneous progression of technology and everything else, I trick myself into thinking because I want something to manifest right now that it will and as a result, I prolong the Universal flow, blocking my true desires by infusing my unfounded worry. Major #FAIL.

2. Rest is a time to settle and just be. What I found was ‘doing’ requires a whole lotta work and sometimes doing too much of nothing leads to fatigue. I look at rest as hibernation: While I’m in a rest phase, I’m conserving my energy for the action phase. What I’ve come to understand and know in that deeper part of me is that the Universe has access to much more than I do and what looks like inactivity on my end is really activity beyond my scope of understanding or knowledge.

3. Accepting the natural ebb and flow of life makes life more enjoyable. I never thought I’d write that, but it’s true. Instead of fighting the down time, appreciate that it’s a time to renew and rejuvenate. It’s a time to let go, coast for a little while and enjoy the scenery.  Sometimes I miss the little things focusing on the road too intensely.

4. Know what I know when I know it so when someone tries to tell me what I know and when I should know it, I’ll know that they don’t know. That’s a spin on one of my mother’s euphemisms which basically means that you know more about yourself than anyone else does and tapping into the higher, deeper knowledge within will lead you when you don’t know the next step.

5. Rest with purpose. At first, I thought I could just absorb the premise of the article and it would work. SNAP! and I’m cool with everything going on around me. But I react without thinking more than I care to admit. When I feel myself trying to do a Plan B because Plan A needs to happen right now, I verbally say the word ‘rest’ and make myself take deep breaths. It’s almost like when Katt Williams says hit the blunt and see how everything changes without the high and the munchies.

6. And finally, just smile. Nothing is the end of the world and if it is, it doesn’t matter anyway because… well… it’s the end of the world. So who really cares? Nothing lasts forever and neither does a rest period. There is always someone out there who thinks what I’m going through is fantastic compared to where they’re traveling. So I smile, count my blessings, cut my losses and ease on down the road.

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