Six Truth Statements for August

Okay… this is the third draft of this post and I’m honestly trying to figure out if this is the Universe’s way of telling me that not every big idea or change in my life is worth broadcasting to the world. But… I just can’t help myself. I like telling you when good ideas come to me.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve had grand revelations. These grand revelations are built on two truth statements told to me by the great Akua Soadwa: we tell ourselves stories and the present is the only time we have. Since then I’ve been looking at my stories  and re-thinking how I tell myself new ones. Because I’m tired of writing and I feel like I’m about to go off on a tangent, I’ll make this simple.

  1. We accept half stories. That’s not the same as not knowing the whole story and leaving parts out. A half story is giving life to parts and ignoring other parts as if they don’t exist. We are complete people and in order to create fulfilling and enriching lives, we have to know and accept ourselves completely. That means admitting that sometimes we do get on facebook when we tell someone we don’t have time to do things. Or we just don’t know how to make things better, when we really do, but don’t want to do it.
  2. The present is a new opportunity to refocus. Shit happens. We all know that. The problem occurs when we let shit ruin and rule the rest of our day by using that good, productive energy to reinforce and ask for more shit. That leads to wondering why no one wants to be around us (because we smell mentally and emotionally), why we can’t find a partner, why no one wants to help and why our lives are shitty. So instead of giving life to these events, I decided that there are way too many things that I want to do before I die and while I intend to live a long life, I’m not waiting until I’m 60 to accomplish what I should have done at 35 (or 23). Refocused energy helped me figure out how to get this ground-breaking idea down to scale and get moving on changing the world.
  3. (and this is closely related to 1) Accept my whole self. I’m not perfect. I’m not going to like everyone or even want to be bothered with every person I come into contact with in life. I’m not going to always want to be around your kids or listen to your logic about what I should and shouldn’t do. I’m probably not even listening to what you’re saying anyway if you’re giving me unsolicited advice. I don’t have instant respect for every person older than me because quite honestly, not all of them have earned it in my eyes. I make no apologies about who I am or my evolution. I’m still me and at every step of my walk, I”m exactly who I need to be and growing into who I want to be whether you like it or not. And you are too. If we all accept that, the world would be a totally different place.
  4. There is no vision bigger than the Creator. No idea, dream, musing, creation or anything else is outside the realm of possibility. I sometimes get caught up in my own resources without realizing that activating the Universal energy to make things happen is really all I need. So I do things. Look up small business resources. How to patent an idea. Ask my expert friends advice in their respective fields. Every day, one new thing.
  5. There is no such thing as failure. We’re trained that if it doesn’t make us rich and move us on up to the east side, we haven’t succeeded. I’ve read it a thousand times: even with a failed project, there is a success because at least you know what didn’t work. This is the second time I’m trying this project. Am I afraid? Hell yeah. It’s big and I have no idea how to scale it down to size, but that’s not going to stop me because I know that someone else out there knows how to help me move from Z back to A.
  6. And that leads to my last epiphany: Try again. So it didn’t work the last time. What did I learn from that experience? What was successful? I’ve had this vision since my days living in family housing with the Kid at Kent State. Tried it once and it fizzled because I didn’t know anything and my vision was too big for my single mind, which burned me out in two weeks. This time, I’m older, wiser and willing to farm out projects to people who respond to my activated energy.

Be you. Do something. Accept yourself and others.

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  1. This was fabbbbbbbulous Deauna. WORK it! I am sooo happy and proud of you for taking that leap into “self”…it feels dayum good doesn’t it!

    Love you and i will always support your growth!

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