No Tea in my Party please

At work when I go to lunch, I’m held prisoner by Glenn Beck on Fox News. I’m disillusioned with both major political parties at this point. Both have agendas and are in the pockets of special interest groups and quite honestly, they keep trying to tell me this is a democracy, but I rarely see the people’s wishes being made into law. Politicians pretend to know what’s best for the masses without really being part of the masses.

That’s when I decided to really look into the Tea Party Patriot’s mission. The party believes in “fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets”. In theory, I agree with these core values, provided we could come to a place where people are able to start on level playing fields. What are the odds though? The systems, as it stands now, is an informal classist one, creating haves and have nots, with the haves being okay allowing the have nots to stay in a position of powerlessness because of a lack of resources or desire of his and her fellow citizen to care about the good of the whole instead of the good of self. And that is how we ended up with the current colossus social service network. Status quo to keep a group or groups held down passed down from generation to generation without providing quality opportunities to put the disenfranchised groups on equal ground with their prior or current oppressors. Am I only talking about minority groups, particularly people of African descent? Not at all. Economically speaking, a poor child has a harder road to travel to the American dream and shattering an oppressive mindset than a child without these same issues.

A lot’s changed since the Founders created the nation’s guiding documents though. Slavery existed and indentured servitude existed then. The population was a lot smaller. The masses didn’t have timely access to news as much as we do and weren’t all literate to say the least. A representative government worked then. I wasn’t there, but I’d have to guess that since there wasn’t a news crew, camera phone or camcorder around every corner, the people had to take a lot of the leaders’ word for it. Not so much today. We have local, national and international news to read and watch. Blogs, commentators, editors… you name it, someone has something to say about everything going on around the planet.

I find it interesting that the Tea Party, as written on their website, became a national force in 2009. Now, I’m not for or against Obama because like I wrote earlier, I’m done with the political machine, but the coincidence that the patriots are so up in arms after a Democratic president is elected seems odd. Didn’t a conservative, small-government-loving, free-market-supporting Republic Congress and President provide bailouts to financial institutions whose executives still walked away with million-dollar bonuses after crashing the free market? Isn’t the whole point of free market to work without government intervention? Yes, we’d be in a shithole now, but if I believe everything that I hear, aren’t we there already? Is it too much to think that maybe the events while a Republic president was in office was the impetus for the situation plaguing both parties today? If you’re really following politics, I don’t know if you can point a finger at one party or the other for what’s happened here in the last few years. They’re both at fault.

So why would I want to join a political party that insists we go back to the government of the Founders when the nation was different then? I wouldn’t. I want to be part of a movement that realizes we can have the Tea Party’s core values when we evolve as individuals. When we stop telling people to get up and do better without helping them along the way, then I can support these core values. When special interests – yes that includes the “I, me and mine” syndrome – can come together and think nationally and globally and stop trying to beat everyone over the head to become a democratic state, then I can get on board with the core values. When we start caring about and listening to the needs of others in developing and third-world countries and do something more than provide food aid and military reinforcements as solutions, but instead work to stop the atrocities occurring in those areas with reverence for cultural differences will I get on board with the core values. Until then, I figure I’ll help make my corner of the Earth a better place to live and hopefully before my time is up, I’ll help make a difference in a large enough way to make a global impact.

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