Deauna and the Imaginarium Camera

Okay…. It’s no secret at all that I haven’t been writing. I had an epiphany about the content of what I write and since I’ve been doing it longhand (that’s actually using my right hand, a pen and notebook for techies that have lost the art of handwriting to keyboards), I don’t really have anything to write. Sort of.

I’ve been being way nicer to myself lately thanks to my Artist’s Way development and in being nice to myself, I bought a new camera. I take pictures of everything.

There’s an albino squirrel. Took a picture of his butt, but this one was actually better. Imagine that.

The Hero sleeping? Got it.

The kids smiling? Yeah, got that too.

The other day I wondered where my infatuation with taking pictures came from and I realized it was just because it’s easier to SHOW someone the blue rose that made me stand and look at it for two full minutes at the florist before I actually bought and brought it home:

Colors have sparked a level of creativity and artistic abundance that I didn’t know was inside me now. I’ve stockpiled crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint and paint pens for years, but I’ve just recently used them to create drawings and sketches of jewelry ideas. I even had the bright idea to try creating some other accessories like scarves. I’m inspired to take a weaving class next term and see what I can do with that new skill.

I’d better go before I have to answer questions about the pictures I posted. I expect the albino squirrel to have a thing or two to say to me. Maybe he’ll actually stop and let me take his picture instead of making me go the undercover Squirrel Hunter route.


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