The end of the chrysalis

I purposely made myself stay away from writing for a week. It was easy the first couple days, but after that, it got really, REALLY hard. Unbearably hard. I needed some time to process, to figure out where I’m going and how I want to get there. Maybe process what kind of writer I am and the voice or voices I want to employ to get my words out to the world. During this time, I realized this is the beginning of the end of this time’s chrysallis and upon emerging, I would be a different D.

What I realized is I have a variety of voices because wrapped up in my skin is a variety of traits. I can be playful, I can be logical and informative and I can also be sultry when I allow that side of me to come out and play. As everyone does, I have a different way of looking at life and for me, there is always a parallel between something going on that isn’t part of me physically, but is within my environment.

I realized journalistic writing isn’t the path I want to take. I like obtaining facts, but honestly, I like telling stories more than reporting. The training is priceless in allowing me to write with brevity when necessary and to remember the basic tenets of grammar and style, but outside of that, I have little use for hard news reporting. Don’t get me wrong, I respect it and being trained in it in college helped me have a healthy respect for journalists who have to sift through a mountain of news to write a concise story that will hold the average adult’s short attention span.

But that’s not me. I like to get people involved, to feel like they’re there with me, seeing what I see or at least feel what I felt when I experienced something or create a scene. Details matter. The color of a shirt is important in setting the scene. The smells and colors add to the atmosphere and if you’re there, I’ve achieved my goal. At the end of my read, I want you to feel like I just told you the story in person or you lived it and felt it in your heart. If we were together, we’d drink wine and laugh about it or cry or talk. Engage. That’s my goal.

To that end, I have to start writing. And I have to realize that although I would love for the people who read what I write now to love what I create, there are six billion people on this planet, any of whom may also find what and how I write entertaining. I release my audience to the Universe and give it permission to multiply a million times.

So now that I’ve left the safe haven of my cocoon, I’m about the work of being an author, of finding the voice that fits me and writing what bubbles up from my soul to your eyes. Enjoy the journey with me.


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