Skin: Distilled water works wonders

So… last week I had the bright idea to boil the water before I rinsed my hair. Fantastic results. Beautiful. Minimal itching going down on the scalp and my hair, generally speaking, doesn’t seem nearly as hay-like as before. Thank you, Angela for that hard-water article.

What I didn’t connect was that the hard water probably also has negative effects on my skin as well. Yesterday, I boiled more water and decided to try a few new skin care tricks:

  • Took the boiled water up in the shower for facial cleansing. Instead of putting my face in the spray, I used the cup of water instead. Tip: Don’t let the water cool too much. The shower water is much warmer than room temperature and that boiled water cooled down WAY more than I thought.
  • Made a little satchel for my cleanser. I love the way oatmeal works on my skin, but using the non-shower water didn’t get all the oatmeal off my face and it seemed to joyfully get all tangled in my hair. Not cool when I have the twists in. So I took some tea the Hero had for over a year and used the bags. I dumped the tea, put my oatmeal in the tea bag and dunked it in the water. Great little way to get the same benefits without clumps of oatmeal stuck in my hair, eyebrows and eye lashes.
  • Shower cap. Yeah… why didn’t I use it before you probably wonder. I have no idea. I think I’ve been trained to use it for conditioning only. Back in my relaxed days, I always had my hair wrapped in a scarf in the shower. Anyway, broke out the shower cap and cut down on messing up my do and getting a head full of oatmeal.

Incorporating those few changes made week 2 even better than last week. Ran out of eggs though (boo… hiss…), so I’ll do my deep clean on Saturday. Because I have sensitive skin, I’ll probably skip the scrub this week. And I may try a new variety of Thayer’s witch hazel since I’ll probably be out by the end of the week. Thinking of a new oil too. I’ll see what I find at Whole Foods.

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  1. You know, when we were at the Raisin Rack I actually considered buying a few gallons of distilled water for facial purposes but dismissed the idea. Maybe I’ll just buy a couple of gallon containers and boil my own. Or since I only wash my hair once a week and facial every other day, I’ll just boil per diem and leave it at that.

    Great post!

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