Walking and talking with Nature

I needed some time to process today, to mull over things happening in my life to determine where I would go next. I could feel myself being overwhelmed and before it got to a critical level, I needed to release to the Universe with pease and blessings whatever wasn’t my truth or desire to be open to the abundance that I’ve asked for in my life.

I asked Nature to show me things, whisper in my ear and let me know if I was indeed making the right choices and if not, what, if anything, I needed to do to stay on the right path. The first thing I noticed was this:

A tree full of dead leaves? I’ve never paid attention to that before, but it was an interesting site. Nature told me that all things have life cycles and sometimes some aspects of the life cycle don’t want to go on to the next phase. They resist transmuting because they don’t know if the next phase is better than the current one in which they are dying and unhappy. Instead of trusting the Universe, these aspects of the life cycle choose to remain in a state that is unhealthy. I asked if I was like this tree and Nature said ‘in some aspects. At any moment though, you can choose to fall away from a dying situation or you can choose to expel dead appendages. The choice belongs to you.’

I kept walking and came across a suspension bridge. Another site that I don’t come across often in my daily life. Suspension bridges are marvelous to me. They are a testament to one of the greatest marriages of human ingenuity and nature. I haven’t seen many in person in my life, but when I do, they give me a little energy boost. Anyway, I love bridges, the thought that I put my trust in something, that it will hold me (or my car and friends or family) and get me safely from point A to point B. Suspensions are just fantastic though because the only anchors you can see are the towers and cables on each end that go deep into the ground. Unlike a traditional, anchored bridge, there is something about the fact that suspensions visibly move with the wind and respond to weight and pressure that I find awe-inspiring. You’d think with my fascination, I would have taken time to appreciate the bridge, but I initially didn’t. I had to go back to the end and start my walk again. Nature presented its second bout of knowledge. ‘Your faith is like this suspension bridge. There are times when it moves with heavy wind and weather. It vibrates at different levels depending on weight and speed, but it remains anchored to its foundation. Things shake you, things move you, things affect you, but you always know the source of your strength and know that Source won’t let you come undone, harming yourself or anyone who crosses.’ I wanted to cry because I needed a moment of true, a clear understanding that all these changes I made weren’t wrong or ones I’d have to endure alone. The quiet reassurance helped me release all those things that didn’t belong to me to the Universe and find a strength that I forgot I had to deal with the remaining issues not in line with the path I’m choosing.

Thank you, Universe, for accepting those things that I took that didn’t belong to me and sending them to their rightful owners. Thank you, self, for realizing that there comes a time to rely on something bigger than us. Thank you, Creator, for being part of me, for the quiet reassurance I sometimes need when I don’t understand what to do and for staying with me when I forget you’re there. I appreciate and love you always.

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