Welcome to the birth of Honesty’s Protégée

I titled this site Mind Warp when I first started it. Its predessor on Blogger.com hailed the same title. It wasn’t really what I wanted, but it sounded… different so I rolled with it. I was hard pressed to really describe what anyone would find here or there since my posts are generally tied to how I perceive situations, people and objects. It wasn’t really a mind warp or kaleidoscope, but more of an understanding of my thought processes and sharing those processes with readers.

This weekend though, two things happened: 1) I remembered something I read about association versus naming and specifically about the story behind Dippy Chick. The company’s founder did what I did and thought about a cool name, but in the end switched to a name that already had some brand credibility in her area. It occurred to me that never once in my life has anyone said I had a warped mind. Different? Yes. Rebellious? Yes. Insightful? Sometimes. Everywhere I’ve ever posted always infused some personal revelation about something I discovered about me by just simply living.

About five years ago, I picked honestysprotege for an e-mail address. I was about to turn 30 and I felt like leaving my 20s marked a new era in me evolving into a bigger, better version of myself. I was just about to finish graduate school, leave Cleveland and pioneer into being ‘grown and sexy’. But, I needed to learn a lot of things about me (protégée) and and see the amalgamation of all my varied parts as one whole person and accept me, flaws and all (honesty). I was embarking on a journey of finding and loving myself and being myself.

Five years later, I’m here pursuing my passion. I realized in those five years that I’ll never actually be a master of myself. No one will. We evolve and grow on a continuous basis whether we want to or not. So I’ll always be my protégée. The honesty part… well… sometimes I mix it up, but I’m moving toward total honesty all the time. The name change fits me. It fits my style. I’ll throw in some old posts just to see where I’m at compared to the last five years. It helps keep me moving forward. The overall theme of my blog site remains the same, but I hope that as I post more and continuously develop, you’ll be able to see the changes too.

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