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I wrote this more than two years ago when I was on MySpace, but I like it and reminds me of some of my imaginative moments.

death of prince charming, the manly man
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Prince Charming died an honorable death

it happened. prince charming, the manly man finally died. it happened very slowly and agonizingly, but he died. he requested that his body be cremated and no celebration take place. i agreed to cremation, but i have to say a few words about prince charming, the manly man.

something happened sunday. the event itself is of no importance. the aftermath is what had prince charming, the manly man, rushed to emergency. after the event happened, i felt some kind of way. i started to palpitate about things beyond my control. things that didn’t concern me at all. not in the least bit. but they bothered me. i even cried because the some kind of way i felt took me back to an old version of myself where i felt victimized.

yesterday, i talked to someone about what happened and that prince charming, the manly man was in critical condition. he needed all kinds of medical attention and the doctors said it wasn’t looking good for him. he may not pull through this time. he was a really strong man and when wounded in the past, he pulled through just fine. actually, in the past, he was indestructible. but this time, something penetrated his indestructibility and now he lay helpless on the emergency room table. that person didn’t have much advice to help prince charming, the manly man. as a matter of fact, the way i took his advice for helping prince charming, the manly man was to let him die. pull the plug on life support and let him go.

who does that? i was scared as hell to let prince charming, the manly man go. i’ve been helping him since he was prince charming, the manly man-in-training. i’ve been waiting to marry him and procreate with him for years. let him die? what the…? he must have lost his mind. prince charming, the manly man was going to make a wonderful addition to my life. make it even more full than it already is. die…. he must be insane.

but i went to the hospital to visit prince charming, the manly man. he was in horrible condition. his face looked like someone took a meat tenderizer to it. his eyes were swollen shut, both lips were busted open, he had a broken nose and his jaw was broken. that was just above the neck. from what the doctor said, prince charming, the manly man sustained massive internal injuries and they couldn’t stop the bleeding. not to mention both his arms were broken and his right leg was shattered. he could be saved, but he’d never be prince charming, the manly man. he’d be a shell of his former self.

i looked at prince charming, the manly man. i remembered when waiting for him got me through a lot of hard times. when i would have settled for sir camelot, the wannabe manly man and married adam knight, lord of the misguided, he came through and reminded me i should wait. save myself from a life of mediocrity and just wait. he needed to slay a few more dragons and he’d be there to be with me… happily ever after. i just needed to wait. looking at prince charming, the manly man now, i see something different: he’s just a man. he had no extraordinary traits. in reality, he was no different than sir camelot and adam knight. he was just more cunning. sir camelot and adam knight at least tried to win me over. prince charming, the manly man never made those attempts. he just wanted me to wait. and his words were so convincing that i did that: waited.

and that’s when i pulled the plug on prince charming, the manly man’s life support machine. there would be no more waiting. waiting was passing time, not enjoying life. it hurt me deeply to see him take his last breath, to hear the monitors flat line. i gave him some grip, grabbed my purse and left his room. there would be no more suffering for either one of us.

i went home and decided that i would take down all my pictures of prince charming, the manly man. give away the trinkets he gave me over the years. there was no point in reminding myself of prince charming, the manly man. i could see a very bad life for me and at some point convince myself that after i left the room prince charming, the manly man started breathing on his own and made a full recovery. and inadvertently, i’d start waiting again. i’d die passing up chances to be happy waiting for prince charming, the manly man to hear my cries. i’m sure a full life exists outside of prince charming, the manly man. and probably not as different as i think it would be.

prince charming, the manly man is dead. i’d like to thank him for being in a fatal accident. if it had not been for his fatal accident, i’d still be waiting in my tower for his return. the funny thing is prince charming, the manly man was always out slaying dragons, but never slew the one that protected my tower. that should have been the ultimate sign. i’m packing my trunk now and moving back to town to live a regular full life.

good bye, prince charming, the manly man. you’ll be missed, but soon forgotten.

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  1. I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your
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  2. wow! i love this! you should submit it to a publication or in a creative writing contest. i love the prince charming metaphor. we all need to let that one go.

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