A letter to the brain

the response from the body to that letter from the brain

Dear Brain:

This is Hand speaking on behalf of the whole collection you so simply lumped into ‘Body’. You, of all of us, should know that we’re a collective, individual parts doing our job to insure your and our survival. Just a friendly reminder should you draft another letter to us.

We’d like to truly address your grievances as succinctly as possible. First, you say that you’re five thoughts ahead of us because we’ve slowed down. Could it be that your messengers are getting a little lazy? We act as soon as you send a message. For example, when the messengers sent Mouth the directive to eat, Stomach responded that she was already working on the brownies and Wendy’s value fries you authorized less than two hours ago. Does it make sense for Stomach to sabotage her capacity efforts because of a trigger in your system that fuses eating to boredom? We don’t think so.

Do you want to know why our real age was 41? It’s because you exhaust us. Literally. We receive duplicate messages, sometimes conflicting tasks and we have to spend time double-checking the instructions. Go get cupcakes… no… don’t get cupcakes. I’m sure you can understand that doing double work requires double energy. If energy is what you desire, please send well thought out instructions to the systems you need.

We agreed that reading would be a productive activity and have since visited the library three times, borrowing eight books. Our question is, how many of those books have you read? Maybe three? We are also equipped to act on the many creative ideas that flow through your system, but when we move to execute, you’ve shut down and can’t recall what it is that you wanted to achieve. Should we be blamed for that? Surely, the efficiency system you boast about incessantly has flaws. May we suggest spending time shoring that up?

We have refused to send you a list of demands, but instead suggest that you remember the old adage for “every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Any activities you want authorized must also be in line with the system you wish to engage, literally meaning that no system will act against the sheer will of survival.

Hopefully, if you are further disturbed, you will come to us in the spirit of compromise instead of dictatorship. Remember, just as you can shut down, so can we. Imagine your annoyance when we collectively decide to stay in bed and do absolutely nothing.


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