Closet makeover causes energy bursts, life reinvigoration

COLUMBUS – Deauna Hale experienced an increase in vital energy after completing step two of closet therapy Jan. 25. She was seen cleaning and reorganizing other aspects of her physical and emotional environment as a result.

“It was like I shed 15 pounds when in reality I gained five,” she said enthusiastically while making her bed, vacuuming the floor and misting her one surviving plant.

The closet therapy session began when Hale realized she’d worn black pants three out of four days one week and could only locate sweaters that were well above an acceptable distance from her wrists. She says that after digging through her unpacked clothes at her friend’s house, she still was unable to find a flattering, up-to-date shirt that could keep her warm during the uncharacteristically frigid Columbus winter.

“Do you know what it’s like to put on a full-sleeve sweater only to find out it’s now three-quarter inch?” she asked. “I mean… I have to wear leg warmers on my arms because my sweaters are too short,” Hale exclaimed.

Roderick Gibbs, her boyfriend of some amount of time neither can remember, is excited about the transformation.

“I told Dee that she was fly, but she needed to do something else. I mean, she has nice gear, but she needs to accessorize better. It’s like… I want to add something to her outfit… a belt… a nice bag… a scarf. Something,” he stated.

After the week of wearing too short sweaters, black pants and one of four pair of reasonable winter shoes, Hale finally tried the closet analysis process. On the recommendation of a friend, Hale used a book called Visual Therapy to help her determine her current personal style and create a file index of visual inspiration. The next step in the process, scheduled for Jan. 30, requires Hale to go through her entire closet and dresser, try on every article of clothing and jewelry she owns and discard anything that doesn’t fit her defined style.

“I can only imagine what’s going to be in that ‘no’ pile. When I took off my running pants last night and finally admitted that I had really run through the inner thigh, I immediately threw them away,” she said joyously. “Now… I may only have one pair of workout pants, but I tell you, I’m ready to try on everything. I can even see what I’m going to discard already.”

The makeover should take two days. At the end of that time, Hale said she would give some articles to charity and others to friends who will actually use them. The closet renovation is expected to be complete by Feb. 1.

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