“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” ~ Buddha

I started this post analyzing myself and midway through completing it, Wisdom came to me and said “talking about what you are and not what you aspire to be continues to keep you being what you are. Speak what you aspire to be and bring it to life.” So here it is:

  • I aspire to be boundless. My goal is never to allow my thoughts, actions, dreams and inspirations be limited by my current knowledge. Life, energy, consciousness, time and everything else is fluid and is waiting to put life into anything that I choose to change
  • I aspire to be above what my mother called “ground clutter”. These things that I’ve allowed to rob me of my peace can only exist if I give them energy and power to overwhelm me. I choose not to do that and in so doing, I’m releasing the muscle aches, headaches and all other physical ailments that came along with them.
  • I aspire to bring order to all things that are coming through my door and calling me “Mommy”. Kids included. Instead of resisting things that I perceive and give value as negative or uncooperative, I’m going to consciously make an effort to observe these things and transmute their energy in my life from negative to positive or gently guide them to the neutral zone until I’m ready to embrace them.
  • I will not shut myself off to new people because I don’t know them. Relationships keep us connected and shared energy creates magnificent change. Giving people a chance never hurt anybody.
  • I will recreate my life from its basic form and add things as I need them. Connection doesn’t always take the form of a computer or text message. I existed happily when I had limited technology and some of my happiest years occurred when I was spiritually in tune with myself than in tune with everything else and neglecting self.
  • I will devote time at least three times a week to quiet meditation and reflection and I won’t focus on making anything happen.
  • I embrace that things may take time and practice. I also embrace the fact that I don’t know it all yet. And (gulp), I release my need to control things and trust the Universe to do what it does when I ask.

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