I give a Twit!

I heard about Twitter a while ago. Me being me, I signed up for an account, sent about two tweets and let it go for months. I didn’t really get why someone would want to know my every random thought or why I would want to know everyone else’s random thought on a continuous basis. So months and months passed until one of my friends’ status messages said “Follow me on Twitter: MermaidLynn.” I remembered my forgotten, neglected account, logged in and started following.

What happened next is hilarious. First of all, I had no idea what RT, #, and @username meant. So in addition to the other Internet shorthand, I had to figure out what “RT @Sunny1 #dontjudgeme b cuz I ❤ #ginandjuice at 10 n the mng” meant. It took a good five minutes to realize I needed to go to the Twitter help site and read the brief description of the symbols. Once I did that, I figured out that Sunny loves drinking gin and juice before noon. WTG, D! I got the hang of the Twitter and Internet shorthand and started feeling like a voyeur in people’s lives. For a little while, I randomly tweeted, still interested in the things people would share with the rest of the Twitter world. You won’t believe what people will say when they have a perceived level of anonymity.

I slowly started tweeting more. I figured my random thoughts can sometimes be interesting. That was the beginning of the end. See someone wearing flip flops when it’s 20 degrees outside? Gotta tell the tweeple. Outrageous muffin tops? Yep, Twitter knows all about it. An unexpected happy moment? I bust out my cell phone and send a text to 40404 (that’s Twitter mobile for dinosaur phones). I’m so addicted now that I’m contemplating getting a data phone so I can send photos and video of the stuff I tweet. Like right now, I just tweeted that after paying a nice piece of change to get Derek’s teeth fixed and he lost two retainers, his dad just told me that he may need another set of braces for his bottom teeth. Whatever to that. Anyway, the point is, my thoughts are random and Twitter is like my outlet for the random thoughts that sometimes get lost in the brain shuffle. The inventors, who I once labeled as jerks feeding into our short attention spans, are now geniuses who allow all of us share our secret, random, nonsensical thoughts with the rest of the world and find that common thread that connects us all.

So now that my attention span and multi-tasking have suffered yet again, let me wrap this up by saying that if you use Twitter, follow me and let’s share our random thoughts all day long. I’ll continue to not finish things, but have a great time doing it. And now back to Twitter.


2 thoughts on “I give a Twit!

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  1. I didn't really get why someone would want to know my every random thought or why I would want to know everyone else's random thought on a continuous basisSame thing I said to myself. it's nonsensical, but it can sometimes be very entertaining if you tweet during sports events and awards shows. I like checking out informative links otherwise unknown.I will follow you. @minusthebars

  2. thattttttttt is freaking hilarious D!!! you got me wanting to actually use my account that has ppl following me! and don't even tweet!!!…but a sista got followers!!!

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