Next step in acceptance…

…to embrace my stepfather’s wife. They’ve been married for about five years now and to this day, I have harbored ill feelings toward her without a good reason other than her living in the house my mother picked out.

I asked my counselor what I needed to do to move past that and hopefully start bridging the gap between my family and her. I believe my cousin Toni has made an effort to be nice to her, but beyond that, I’m about 99% sure that the rest of the White clan chose the shun route.

I’ve given myself a deadline of December 31, 2009 to accomplish this goal. If I go on my current energy, I should start trying to mend the relationship this weekend, but we’ll see. I’ve been working up to this for a long time and maybe I needed to accept my mom’s death before I went to his wife with why I feel the way I do. Either way, I don’t like holding grudges or not trying to make things right, so this is my attempt to try and rectify the situation and move forward in a positive manner instead of negatively.


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