What you resist persists

I used to hate that saying growing up. I’d go complain to my mom about something and, in her usual Val way, she’d listen, rub my head, let me bitch and moan and then say ‘what you resist persists, so let it go.’ I’d be so irritated, but she was right. When I stopped thinking about a thing, it either went away or became like a background on my desktop: something that’s there, but not really an active part of my every day experience. Anyway, today I’ve been contemplating an issue. I mean I was thinking hard about it. I was in the middle of trying to pick apart what I could have done differently and I heard Val in my head saying ‘what you resist persists’ and I relaxed.

For a while I’ve been trying to figure out a solution to a situation. I tried a couple of different tactics that were sometimes good, sometimes bad. I thought about how I could get back to the beginning and maintain that. What would it entail? Where did things go awry? How did they go awry? That’s when I heard my mom’s voice and out of nowhere the answer came to me: the issue is you’re trying to apply old tactics to something that requires a new perspective and dammit, you think too much. I was like ‘Wow…..’ (imagine the Flava Flav voice).

With this new tidbit of information, I started to let my mind look at the bigger picture and asked myself ‘this thing is a result of…?’ to see what thoughts came to me. The snippets of images and words that flooded my mind were not directly affected to the thing I was focusing on, but on a larger issue of some things I really just stopped doing. I don’t know when I stopped or why and quite honestly, to avoid another headache, I’m not even going to think about it. I do know that the few instances that came to mind in that little slide show pointed out that those things spilled into other areas and was affecting my life in other ways. Ugh. And they were all things under my control. Double ugh.

Unlike my normal plan of action, I don’t have a plan of action. I realized during this brain rest time that a plan of action is exactly what made the issue persist. Planning was the villain and I decided to go ahead and take this job responsibility off its list of duties. My current dilemma requires feeling, a knowing and Planning got in the way… asked too many questions… wanted surveys and evaluations on a regular basis. It was meticulous and time-consuming and ultimately at the crux of the matter. So I sent Planning to the jewelry section effective today. I feel a lot better now. A lot of things are flooding my thoughts right now. A lot of new ideas. All I have to remember is to make sure Planning doesn’t hang around the water cooler and try to make a come back.


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