Law of Attraction gone haywire!

Many years ago, at least a decade maybe two, I learned that things don’t happen to me, I create them. Since those teen years, I’ve faded in and out of knowing that simple truth at a conscious level. As I sit here and look back, I realize that my life reflected when I consciously remembered and subconsciously forgot that basic principle. When I forgot this concept, I was at what I would consider low points and when I remembered it, I was at high points. And always in the midst of the lowest point in the low cycle, I would remember again and start the journey back to prosperity.

Early this week I decided I needed to make a change in my thinking. The difference this time is that my thinking doesn’t just affect me, it affects Rod too and since we are mutually focusing on things, we need to be in accord. I had an epiphany that while we have long-term goals, we didn’t have any steps between now and five or 10 years from now. That one little step was leading us awry and wreaking havoc on the ultimate goals. We sat down and took some time to figure out small steps we needed to take and what we made promises to help each other stay focused and get there.

Today, I decided that those steps were even bigger steps to a smaller yet challenging step: changing how I consciously create my reality. The best laid plans can go awry if the energy put into them isn’t positively and specifically focused. I wanted to know how to change the ‘I don’t have…’ and ‘I need…’ into ‘What’s the next step to….?’ When I asked myself that question, I remembered ‘Law of Attraction’ and set Google on the quest of the day. I’ve spent the last three hours reading information that was new in an old way: what I think is what I attract because the Universe acts on focused intent.

The principle isn’t that simple though and that’s where things were going awry. After digging a little deeper, I realized that saying I want something opposite of what I don’t want only perpetuates me attracting more of what I don’t want. I know, circular reference, but stay with me. Me saying I want a better job insinuates that I have a bad job. Bad is relative. There are people here that love what we do and find complete and utter happiness in it. So I have two choices: I can focus on specifically asking for a job that utilizes the talents and abilities that bring me utter happiness or I can specifically focus on being happy I’m employed and ask the Universe to help me see how this experience affects my total Life as Deauna experience. To ask for a job that pays more could essentially get me this same job with a larger salary which is not what I want to create. Specificity. That was the main ingredient missing from my creations.

I have the energy, I’m recharged and re-minded about the power of my soft gray matter. My plan tonight is to specifically focus on one aspect of my life that I intend to change. If I don’t know how to go about making the change a reality, I’ll ask the Universe to guide me. I know this process will also be a practice in patience, something I sure could use more of these days. My favorite quote to everyone else – Life is a series of choices: Accept personal responsibility – came home and called me Mommy as my mother used to say when I was younger.


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