what to do with my ‘do

While I was washing my hair last night with the Curls products I won from Ife’s blog contest, I realized that I need a change in my look. Recently I considered relaxing my hair. I don’t know why… I just want a change of pace and that last hair cut is still having a lasting effect on my psyche (it’s a looong story). I want my hair to be longer, but being a virgin of weave, braids and extensions, I’m particularly anxious about being that chick who touches her hair all the time to make sure it’s not falling out or having a headache for 18 days because the braids are too tight. And of course, there’s that Navy enlistment to consider. If I could keep my locs through boot camp, I’d just go that route, but I know the deal and won’t set myself up for the big letdown when I arrive in Chicago.

So what’s a girl to do? I’m considering loc extensions and I believe there are a couple natural stylists here in Columbus that do them. There is also the possibility of keeping my hair twisted and the blow out, but I don’t think either one will help me feel the whole longer hair vibe I want. Wigs are an option, but where does a girl get a non-cheesy, high quality afro wig? Pondering all the options is overwhelming and like most things that overwhelm me, they get put back on the shelf.

Recently proclaiming myself a woman of action though, I decided to take some time next week to do some legwork while I’m on vacation. I’ll hit up the wig stores, visit a stylist for suggestions and then make a decision. Either way, I’ll be rocking a new look by September 30 so stay tuned for an update.



  1. I've been looking for the same. Several people say Daidra (sp?) at Phia Salon is fantastic, but the services can be pricey. I was contemplating going just to get some suggestions.

  2. So I saw a link to your blog in an email. Creepy?(I'm a blog-a-holic) anywho…this post is how I feel ALL THE TIME with my hair so I had to comment. If you know of any good natural hair stylists in Columbus, let me know! I have yet to find someone.

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