I’m Out!

It's been coming for a minute, fam. It's time to archive Honesty's Protégée. I started this blog 10 years ago as a way to siphon through my feelings. Then it evolved to recipes and projects and finally back to processing feelings. But I feel the blog has done what it intended to initially: help me... Continue Reading →

A Love Letter

Dear, Cleveland, I feel like I've held you hostage in my heart. I loved and hated you. The roots of my life tree were fertilized with the soul and hum of a city. It was also the place I lost my mother, best friend and family lifeline. I've blamed you for the inability to form... Continue Reading →

The Year of Answers

"There are years that ask questions and years that answer."Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God Hey, fam. I'm not about to be shady with the writing like I was on my birthday. Sorry about that. The last four or five days have been eye-opening. Until I had to live through a pandemic, global... Continue Reading →


I've started and restarted this post six times, fam. Six. I feel like I'm forcing it. Maybe I am. I wanted to commemorate this birthday some kind of way because of the protests and pandemic that are simultaneously happening. I'll never have another birthday like this one. Every time I try to write about what's... Continue Reading →

Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now

Hadn't mastered the fake smile yet. Fammm... It's week... don't matter. I'm tired of being in the house. TIED! But that's a blog for another day. Right now I'm jammin' to Hip Hop Anthems: Def Jam on Spotify and reminiscing on some good music times from the mid-80s to late 90s. Music has me snaking,... Continue Reading →

Pandemic Life

What's up, fam? How's social distancing treating you? I'm now starting week three working remotely. It still feels surreal setting up camp in the living room and actually getting more work done here than when I'm in the office. At first, working from home was great. I loved being able to be at home AND... Continue Reading →

Thanks for the Memories

Happy Friday, fam. I'm skipping Finish the Sentence Friday in lieu of closing a chapter on some soul work. For the past couple months, I have been moving through a period. You probably already knew that. It came to a culmination yesterday when I realized that I was holding on to Grief and Guilt for... Continue Reading →

Peace, Warrior D

Fam-O! I've been writing about this 'new' phase of my life for probably two years now. I spent most of that time trying to figure out where I was headed because, you know, I needed to plan. Be prepared in case it gets real out in these streets. Buuuuut, that's not how life seems to... Continue Reading →

Love Through Time

Happy Valentine's Day, fam! I know last week I was all like 'mannn.... ain't nobody thinking about no damn Valentine's Day.' A lot can change in a week, so stop side eyeing me. Anyway.... I've been pondering these last 13 years with The Hero. No, I'm not about to gush about how dope he is... Continue Reading →

Feel it in My Gut

Shall we get right to it, fam? Lately, my stomach has been doing all kinds of things. Not because I ate some bad food, but because it feels like I need to look at some things that I maybe don't want to look at. I started noticing some months ago when particular things happen, it... Continue Reading →

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