Ending and Beginning of Things

Today marks the end of an era. I am officially the mother of grown kids. "WE. MADE. IT!" is my slogan because it was a long journey. But this is about womanhood and seasons ending and beginning. Over the past year, The Girl has helped me connect to the deep love mothers have for their... Continue Reading →



'Sup, y'all. Alright. You're probably tired of me saying it's been a while as much as I'm tired of typing it, so we'll just make that an assumption going forward. The HP disclaimer. Anyway, Mother's Day is coming up and I'm feeling all kinda some kinda ways. All kinds. Odd ways. Dichotomous emotions. Like... I... Continue Reading →


I'm staring at this intermittently while I type. Future me must have known that I'd need to see this every so often to remind myself to live. I just had a nice cry. I'd been mulling over some feelings. Yeah, I know feelings should be felt before analyzing, but I couldn't get to the bottom... Continue Reading →

Finding Why

Up until recently, I struggled my whole life sticking to things. I quit track in 7th grade because it was hard. I quit my job 10 years ago because I really disliked my manager. I quit full-time parenting because I burned out. I'd quit anything in a heart beat for any reason. I didn't know how to... Continue Reading →

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