Feel Feely Feelings

Ah, yes. Feelings. So let me explain how I got here in as vague terms as I can. The Kid's life got real. I was watching and couldn't help. I started blurring the line between social and self-medicating drinking. Therapist said "you can have an Olivia Pope glass AFTER you sit with your feelings." In... Continue Reading →


Deep Rest

Shit happens. It's part of life. What we don't tell ourselves is sometimes we need to take a pause, give our hearts, minds and spirits downtime. We are always reacting to things. Filtering what to ingest and what to discard. We drain ourselves continuously and, in true American fashion, say how strong we are for... Continue Reading →

Take 5

No, not the candy bar. I literally had a pretty good life-changing epiphany: frequent pauses during the day are effective. I need to get my life. If you thought that was a Captain Obvious revelation then I aspire to be like you one day. Until then though, imagine I just stared at you, possibly gave... Continue Reading →


My birthday was yesterday. For the most part, I had a good day. I had the most fun this past weekend with my friend, hanging out, talking and eating good food. So 43. It's a time of transition. Some major life changes take up a fair amount of my emotional energy. In addition, some deep... Continue Reading →


'Sup, y'all. Alright. You're probably tired of me saying it's been a while as much as I'm tired of typing it, so we'll just make that an assumption going forward. The HP disclaimer. Anyway, Mother's Day is coming up and I'm feeling all kinda some kinda ways. All kinds. Odd ways. Dichotomous emotions. Like... I... Continue Reading →


I'm staring at this intermittently while I type. Future me must have known that I'd need to see this every so often to remind myself to live. I just had a nice cry. I'd been mulling over some feelings. Yeah, I know feelings should be felt before analyzing, but I couldn't get to the bottom... Continue Reading →

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