Faux Fight or Flight

This last week has been an experience and, of course, one filled with insight. I have panic attacks. At first, I blew these off as paranoia, but when I realized that my heart was racing and I was breathing raggedly, I stopped and sat with that. I was really afraid that I was going to... Continue Reading →


The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Hey, fam. It's been super busy in my head lately. I'm at a crossroads of deciding where I want to go professionally, personally and passionately and came to a couple conclusions that are outside of how I would characterize myself. After talking to The Hero and listening to his perspective on my thoughts going forward... Continue Reading →

A Talk with Self

It's taking a pretty good dose of courage to write this. I am physically feeling it and wrestling against my natural instinct to shut this sensation down rather than allow it blossom and release. Sigh. I've been brewing for almost a month as a result of a review. I was light-heartedly asked to be a... Continue Reading →

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